Our gourmet caramels are perfect for corporate or personal gifts, on special occasions, or just when you're craving the perfect sweet treat! We make everything from scratch in small batches.

When all you want is everyone’s favorite!

Visit our online shop or find us here to buy delicious made from scratch gourmet caramels, hand-cut and hand-dipped in rich chocolate.

Our gourmet caramels are perfect for corporate or personal gifts, on special occasions, or just when you’re craving the perfect sweet treat! We make everything from scratch in small batches.

The Carolina Caramel process begins with quality ingredients that are slow cooked to just the right temperature so our caramel will melt in your mouth not stick to your teeth!

Carolina Caramels are then ready to be packed and shipped to you. This process, which we have perfected over the past 25 years, takes a little time, but once you taste our caramels, we think you’ll agree they’re worth the wait!


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The Caramel Lover


The perfect gift for any Caramel Lover this Tower packs an assortment of 38 Chocolate Covered Caramels; 4 of our rich, dense Chocolate Caramels, 9 of our Sea Salt Caramels and 25 of our Traditional Chocolate covered Caramels. The best part? It is available in 45 pieces as well!

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Traditional Caramels


How do we get such a creamy caramel with such an amazing flavor? We start by making it from scratch and then slow-cook the caramel to just the right temperature so you can enjoy a sweet treat that melts in your mouth and doesn’t stick to your teeth!

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Sea Salt Caramels


What makes our Sea Salt Caramel so different? We start with our traditional caramel that has such a rich, creamy flavor because we make it from scratch. We then slow-cook the caramel to just the right temperature so that you will have a sweet treat that melts in your mouth and doesn’t stick to your teeth.  After dipping the caramel in our silky chocolate, we add a bit of Sea Salt on top for a rich, buttery, salty treat!

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Chocolate Caramels


Imagine a piece of rich, creamy fudge dipped in chocolate and that is what our Chocolate Caramels taste like. We start with our made from scratch traditional caramel, slow cooked to just the right temperature. Just before we take the caramel off the stove we add our own blend of  unsweetened chocolate. We hand-cut and hand-dip each piece in chocolate and top it off with a sprinkle of white chocolate.  This one is for the true chocolate lover!

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Why Carolina Caramel?

Caramels Perfected
A recipe meticulously and brilliantly crafted over 25 years
A Proven Process
Slow-cooked goodness dipped in mouth-watering chocolate
Shipped Directly to You
Finished goodies are freshly made and packed for your enjoyment
Delectably Giftable
Makes the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, or corporate clientele
Personalized Service
We include a handwritten card for any gifts purchases at no extra charge!
We are happy to customize any gift box or gift basket, just let us know what makes YOU happy!

Our team

we are caramel lovers
Tara P. O'Donnel
Tara P. O'Donnel

Tara was raised the sixth of eight children in a small bedroom community in New York. She moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 1996 and immediately felt at home. She and her husband, Pat Phelan, run Carolina Caramel a company that specializes in made from scratch caramel that is so creamy it melts in your mouth!

Customer Accolades

"I want you to know how much my family LOVED the caramels and turtles. OMG! OMG! Delicious!"
Darice Griffin Ellerbe, NC
"I use Carolina Caramel because they are a delicious way to Thank Special Clients. Their handmade approach and elegant packaging make for a unique gift!"
Richard L. Nix, Jr., Butlers Pantry St. Louis, Missouri
"We have been ordering Carolina Caramel for our corporate customers as gifts and they have been fantastic! Delicious product, excellent customer service. We will be ordering them for years to come."
Atlantic Trucking Company Charleston, SC
"Beyond delicious! Is there a better word than delicious? Awesomely Delicious!"
Barb Delled Prythero Golden, Colorado