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Traditional Caramels


How do we get such a creamy caramel with such an amazing flavor? We start by making it from scratch and then slow-cook the caramel to just the right temperature so you can enjoy a sweet treat that melts in your mouth and doesn’t stick to your teeth!

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Product Description

What makes our gourmet caramels so amazing? We start from scratch, use the finest ingredients available and then slow cook the caramel to just the right temperature. We then hand-cut and hand-dip each and every one. Our gourmet caramels are a sweet treat that will melt in your mouth.

(25 piece and 50 piece box only available in Black and Gold)

Additional Information

Box Color

Black & Gold, Rose, Celebrate, Christmas

Qty (Pcs)

4, 8, 9, 16, 25, 32, 50


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